What would a Corbyn-led government mean for the construction industry?

June 8, 2017

Its felt like a long 7 weeks  for the so-called snap election, but the day has finally come to cast our votes.

The conservatives lead  in the polls has been cut throughout the campaign, although they are still the bookies’ favourite to be returned to government.

Two Key areas have swayed construction industry workers causing labours polls to surge:

Public spending:

To invest in infrastructure, including  energy, housing and transport construction projects

Skills :

Addressing staffing projects with adequate numbers of qualified construction workers post-Brexit, confirming the rights of EU construction workers and increasing funding on technical education courses and vocational apprenticeships


Could Corbyn be our next Prime Minister?

Unfortunately for Labour supporters, it is still highly unlikely that Jeremy Corbyn could be the next prime minister after the general election but if the Tories fail to get an overall majority, then Jeremy Corbyn could be the Prime Minister of a coalition government.

What would this mean for the construction sector?

Tom Lees of Mace has written an informative article  on  what exactly a Corbyn-led government might mean for the construction sector.

Lets not get too excited!

Jeremy Corbyn’s path to power would be one of the greatest surprises in British politics. But unlikely doesn’t mean impossible and us businesses need to prepare for every scenario.

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