Mission and Values

We are on a mission

Yes here at Simon Nicholas Associates our mission statement reflects our commitment to all the people who we are honoured to work with. We are passionate about what we do and want to exceed all expectations

“Build, attract and ignite talent, seeking the best opportunities and furthering careers”.

Our values

Our values are the simple things we believe in as a business. We are guided by our core values. They underpin everything we do and are never compromised.

Its all about the people

Working with Simon Nicholas Associates is so much more than just being part of a team; we are a cohesive, passionate & intensely loyal company who care and build lasting relationships based on trust. We take time to understand candidates needs and companies cultures so that we get your recruitment experience spot on every time. People are our business.

Getting the right Balance

As a family business we understand the importance and take a proactive stance in creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Why? Well we find that not only is it important for your personal health, family and relationships, but it also improves the efficiency of work performance.

Feeling Empowered

We encourage employees and people who work with us to lead, take initiative, make informed decisions and deliver excellence daily. Empowerment is a great feeling.


Honesty is always the best policy.


Treat everyone with the respect they deserve.