Interview tips

Be prepared with our interview tips

Interview preparation is as important as the interview itself.

The key to a successful interview is preparation; ensuring that you are confident and giving yourself that edge. It is your time to shine, proving you are the best person for the job and the candidate they remember (for the right reasons of course)

Pre-Interview Preparation

Visit their website:- Log onto the company website to find information about the services they provide, current news and projects, the company vision and values and press releases. Utilise this information in your interview to explain how you would fit into the company. If you know the names of the interviewer, look for them on business-related social net sites to find more about them.

Industry knowledge:- Research business publications and website to gain a good understanding of the current news, wow them with your knowledge

Read the job description thoroughly:- Make sure you have fully read and understand it. Break down the job description and assess each requirement, thinking of an example when you have delivered something similar. If you lack experience in a certain area, think how you could overcome it. If you have any questions about the job ensure that you ask them at the end of your interview.

Read your own CV:- Familiarise yourself with your CV before the interview – be sure of the places you have worked, what position you held and what the dates were. Ensure you are able to explain any gaps in your work history? Are you able to clearly explain your reasons for leaving ? Avoid giving emotional lead reasons (conflict with manager) but focus more on the professional matters such as limited progression opportuinities.

Think about how you add value to your current employer? Look at your projects- are any relevant to the position you are applying to?

What do you want? Think about what you have achieved, can this be relevant to the job you are being interviewed for? What would you like to achieve? Can you get there with this employer?


We don’t want to state the obvious but dress appropriately and be clean (Fingernail check) Don’t smoke before you go into the interview and make sure you turn up on time, looking happy and confident! First impressions really do count.

During the Interview

Honesty and positivity are the key things to remember, this will show the employer that you are well adjusted and can cope well under pressure. Smile throughout and make sure you engage with everyone during your interview.

Think of unique, intelligent, open questions, which shows that you have done your research and make reference to information you have read.

End of the Interview

Remember interviews are a two way process so think of a few questions you would like to ask This is your opportunity to gain clarification on any of the details of the job spec or the company. As the interview closes, it’s a good idea to ask the client if they have any concerns regarding your availability or other questions they would like to ask you. Remember to thank them for their time.

Prepare a closing strategy.

You’d be surprised how many hiring managers leave an interview unsure of the candidate’s interest. So, tell them! At the end of the interview clearly state your interest and then test theirs with a question. For example: “thanks for your time today, I’m really keen on this role. What’s the next step?”

The interview could be the last chance you have to deal with any concerns the hiring manager might have about you so don’t leave without addressing these. Today’s little issues often cement into reasons to discount you later on so it’s essential that you tackle them there and then by asking, “We’ve had a good meeting today. From what I’d said, do you have any reservations about my suitability for the role?”