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A Day in the Life – ETHAN

March 9, 2020

How did you get into site work?

I was lucky enough to gain a football scholarship with Tamworth FC for two years which I loved as I love football and keeping active.  A friend of mine who is a joiner recommended me to try site labouring to see if I liked it and how I got on.   I enjoyed taking responsibility along with being given the opportunity to prove myself.

What do you enjoy about what you do and achieve on site?

Whilst at school I was a very active and enjoying the physical elements of my schooling rather than the academic side.  Having lots of energy, I have always found myself to be at my happiest whilst being active and engaged in my day.

Where would you like to progress to in the construction Industry?

I would like a permanent role so I can really get to know the company I am working for and the way they do things.   Novus Property Solutions (Tony in particular) has given me a great deal of shared knowledge on how he progressed to site management.  Tony has involved me in the day to day running of the site where I take great responsibility for planning my day achieving tasks and a bit more!

What gets you up and at it?

I have a work ethic, something my family particularly my dad has influenced right back to my school years.  My football has helped this as personal ethic staying committed, making an appearance at every training session and walking off the pitch after every game having given it everything.  I want to progress within construction as it offers a lot, qualifications, progression and better pay as I become more qualified.   I also have a keen interest in Jujitsu and MMA (Mixed martial Arts) which again keeps me active.

Current Site References

Benji (Roofer) “Brilliant, what a guy…Ethan’s work on this site keeps everybody safe”

Adrian (Groundworker) “This guy has a work ethic and for his age we rarely see this, Ethan is capable, hardworking and a real asset to this site… he will go places”

Feedback on Thomas Randell who supplied Ethan to our client

“ I have never experienced such honesty and clear information on pay, the role, duration, risks on site to be aware of summary of the project, my role on site and opportunities to become more qualified as either a banksman, operator or starting a trade level 1 NVQ, best experience I have every had working on a temporary business I feel part of your business

Interviewers Summary – SIMON PEARCE

Ethan is one of those guys that just makes me smile, enthusiasm and good energy is what this guy is about, he asked me how I got into recruitment “ Not planned Ethan just have a great interest in people and getting them to be the best version of themselves that they can be, oh sorry to answer your question I started as a labourer temping for an agency for 18 months.. not where you start where you finish Ethan”







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